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9/19/10 - Added pictures of my appearance on Channel 5 while cubing with Mike Lynch

2/15/07 - Added pictures of the Toy Fair 2007 in New York City

2/12/07 - Made a correction to one of the sequences in the powerpoint and added a sequence for the middle layer edges

2/2/07 - Updated the PowerPoint presentation

1/26/07 - Added a link to my movie of the 2005 World Champs

1/25/07 - Added a movie clip of my appearance on Cold Pizza

11/13/06 - Added a PowerPoint presentation that outlines a simple solution to the cube

6/11/06 - Uploaded pictures from Village Day

6/11/06 - Solved 300 cubes from 1 - 3 p.m. at Newton Highlands Village Day. I raised $2779, which will go to the Matty Eappen Foundation

11/12/05 - Added pictures of my appearance on ESPN2's Cold Pizza with Chris Szlatenyi and Cory Loviglio

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Welcome to my Rubik's Cube Page!

This website is all about the Rubik's Cube. I have some useful information to guide beginners in choosing a first method to learn on the Methods section. I also have a tips section for speedcubers and beginners who are looking to improve their speed. You can see how I progressed with the cube in my Cube Log. You can view my personal best times for different puzzles here.

Goals for this site:

In the future I will add more cubing information, including tips, videos, and of course, add to my cube log as I progress.

Disney Videos:

I posted some news appearances that were taken during my stay at Disney World in Orlando. I was the "Rubik's Cube Expert" during the 3-day media event, and I was invited to promote the new Pop Century Resort. The format for all of these movies are .wmv.

Update to Ryan's Method:

I finished an update on the section link that contains the optimized sequences for solving using Ryan Heise's method. I made diagrams for all of the step 4 cases and have matched them with their corresponding sequences. Step 4 of Ryan's method is a part of all the cases for the LL (and step 4 of the ZB method) for when the LL edges are permuted and oriented.

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